What is Soleterre?

Fondazione Soleterre is a nonprofit organization that provides medical treatment, safe housing and counseling support to children affected by cancer worldwide.

We believe that everyone deserved to have access to a healthy life—one with access to excellent medical treatment, psychological assistance, and dignity.

As of 2023, we are active in 8 countries including Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Ivory Coast, and El Salvador.

Support for children with cancer, everywhere.

Where we operate

Our objective is to improve the quality of life for children battling cancer and raise their overall survival rate worldwide. 

We aid patients and their families providing medical treatment, psychological support, economic relief and safe housing. 

We are also active in financing scientific research programs, upgrades to hospital spaces, and developing programs focused on cancer prevention and early diagnosis. 

Every year we assist nearly 3,000 minors with medical treatment, economic aid, and counseling for their families.

Soleterre works closely with local communities, allowing us to respond quickly to health emergencies and other crises that arise in the areas where we work.

Our 2022 Annual Report is now available!

Read more about Soleterre’s work in Ukraine and around the world as the organization celebrates 20 years of activity.

Find out more about our recent achievements, institutional partners and our ongoing projects such as Great Against Cancer, Emergency Ukraine, Work is Progress & more!

The children of Ukraine need your help.

Emergency in Ukraine

Russia’s assault on Ukraine has transfixed and horrified the world since the attacks first began on February 24, 2022.

Soleterre is working round the clock to ensure  continued medical treatment, safe housing, and counseling support to children with cancer and their families in Kyiv and Lviv. 

We evacuate families in danger while guaranteeing immediate support to partnering hospitals in Ukraine.  

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Emergency plan

In March 2022, we helped more than 70 children with cancer safely cross the border to Poland.

Utilizing a medical flight corridor, we organized 15 flights to transport children with their families from Poland to Italy. These patients were then sent to top pediatric facilities in Pavia, Milan, Genoa, Florence, Rome, according to their individual needs.

  • In cooperation with our local partners at the Zaporuka Foundation, we are:
  • Providing safe housing for children with cancer and their families in Kyiv.
  • Evacuating those able to move to safer areas of Ukraine.
  • Ensuring continued medical care, especially for children undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Guaranteeing immediate and flexible support to 3 partner hospitals: The Institute of Cancer in Kyiv, the Neurosurgery Center in Kyiv, and the Regional Pediatric Hospital in Lviv, so they are prepared to host people in need.

Kyiv - Київ

Lviv - Львів

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By Emanuela La Macchia – Individual Donors Manager


Dear Donors,

Since the beginning of the war, Soleterre has consistently and tirelessly been operating to keep saving children with cancer.

Thanks to your donations, continuity in cancer treatments has been ensured for the young pediatric patients remaining in Ukraine as unable to travel. On the other hand, medical evacuations have been set for patients who can be transported to Italy via Poland.

Psychological support, from diagnosis to clinical remission and aftermath, has also been enhanced through an international team of 50 psychologists. Such disorders as anxiety and depression can occur at any time when cancer is diagnosed and it is important to take action immediately, from the onset of the disease. This type of intervention relieves fatigue and stress, and contributes towards an improved quality of life.

Thanks to you, our efforts could truly be multiplied in Ukraine itself, as Soleterre has been dealing with the regular supply of health materials and medical equipment for hospitals. In a children’s facility in Lviv, surgical treatment of wounded children is guaranteed though a team of surgeons.

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Thank you sincerely, your contribution makes a great difference in what we can achieve!

We raised a total of $238,206.31 in 2022

Soleterre is proud to announce the success of last year’s fundraising efforts on Global Giving! Thanks to generous donors like you, our campaigns helped to: 

  • provide emergency humanitarian relief in Ukraine
  • open a new Casa Soleterre for displaced families with children battling cancer in Neslukhiv and
  • organize family housing throughout Europe and Africa for children undergoing cancer treatment. 

Grazie mille!

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Please give what you can today.